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Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Applications for riding and volunteering

Finacial Aid for scholarship form

This form is for Loving Thunder's Financial Aid application.  This funding is limited and funding availability depends on recent Grant income.  Funding may not be available.  Please speak with staff to confirm current availability of funding.  

* Carrie Tingley Foundation funding is a separate form and is available upon request.

Foster Child application

Children age 5-17 in the CYFD program are eligible to participate in an exclusive therapeutic horsemanship program.  The program is funded by a grant and is provided to children at NO COST. Participation dates are every Tuesday evening May 8, June 19 and July 10- Aug 14.  A limited number of participants.  Don't wait

Scholarships may be available through Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation or other grants.  Please contact us for further information and scholarship applications.  Some scholarships may require the completion of a financial request application.  Please contact staff for this application.