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Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

500 Hours:

Ted O.

Dan S.

1000 plus Hours:

EllaMae S.

Mike R.

Kendra L.

Twuana R.

Team Member of the Year 2017

Susan Gothard

OutstandingTeam Member

of the Year

This award is given to the team member who continues to show dedication and countless hours of service.


Ted Osborne

25 Hours :

Ayana B.

Matthew G.

Mark K.

Sheri K.

Nathan R.

Jessica S.

Rachel W.

2016 Team Member Awards

Upcoming Orientations & Training

New Volunteer Orientation March 18, 1-4pm

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50 Hours:

Norm C.

Tom K.

Donna L.

Rosie W.

Christine Y.

100 Hours:

Kris D.

Ginger G.

150 Hours:

Danielle A.

Makenzie K.

Marianne N.

Diane Q.

Matt W.

Marla B.

250 Hours: 

Jacque A.

Inez A.

Aubry C.

Susan G.

Michelle G.

Carla J.

Mary M.

Jordan R.

Meagan U.

Kelsey W.

Robert W.

Nadia R.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful life changing experience.  I regret that my time here was so short.  You are absolutely the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I've never known people like you all here.


I am a new volunteer for Therapeutic Riding for adults and children of Special Needs.  In the past, I have had a privilege to work with the blind, volunteered for USO, scheduling flights to our military members to return home ASAP, to which I have enjoyed, more than I can say, but I will say this now.  I have never felt and seen before; the patience, kindness, open hearted unconditional love and gentleness given to everyone as I have experienced and witnessed here at Loving Thunder.  Their compassion is above and beyond anything I have ever seen and it is totally inspiring to be a part of their team.  I am so thankful to have had my path lead me here.  I thank God everyday for it.  Twuana and Mike are just the examples of leadership we need and have, at Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding. 


When I began my project at Loving Thunder I was really nervous; my knowledge of horses was minimal since the last time I worked with horses I was 8 yrs. old.  But you all made me feel more than welcome and everyone had a huge part in contributing to my growth here.  Everyone was incredibly helpful and willing to work with me.  This helped me to become comfortable and confident quickly.  The ranch became a second home and was very therapeutic for me as well.

During my time at LTTR, I've learned to assert myself and be comfortable in my own skin.  I've also learned the importance of trust - since I was there alone 75% of the time, along with the responsibilities placed on volunteers with the horses and the riders.  Thank you so much for being my mentor.  Twuana, you are amazing, and I am really glad I picked LTTR.  You are forgiving and helpful and it made me feel welcome and excited.  Thank you again for the amazing experience I've had at LTTR and for making it like another home to me.


Our Volunteer Team Members

Volunteering is a tremendously self-rewarding adventure. At Loving Thunder, you can choose from some great jobs and committees. All of these jobs or committees are designed to help support our special needs programs. Whatever your talents or interests, we can put them to good use at Loving Thunder. 

Would you like to help with duties like data entry, drafting correspondence, monthly newsletter, preparing meeting notes and communications with supporters?  It is preferred that you have some clerical or managerial experience for this job. Hours are flexible and our staff will support you and your efforts.

Do you like meeting new people in the community? Are you good at organizing fundraising events? Join this team of outgoing individuals and spread our passion for our programs while raising money to keep kids in the saddle!

Volunteer Team Building
Our program revolves around great volunteers. Be on the team to help develop & assist with training, recognition, and recruiting great people like you. You will be working directly with the community, schools and local agencies to build our teams.

Do you want to get creative? We need creative people to help tell our story. Create story boards, shoot video, create newsletters, or work on our web site. These are just some of the great marketing ideas we need to spread the word.

Horse Leading
Do you have a talent for horses?  This position involves a good working knowledge of horse behaviors, training methods, a calm presence, and riding skills.  You are in charge of the horse during our lessons.  You are expected to be able to warm up the horses in our round pen prior to lessons. Previous horse experience, or completed training and no less than 30 hrs. of sidewalking experience is required. You will be asked to help with stall maintenance as well.

Do you like working with individuals with disabilities?  This position will be assisting our riders when necessary to accomplish the tasks involved in grooming, tacking, mounting, dismounting, and riding in the arena.  You must be able to assist riders during an emergency dismount, if needed.   You should be healthy and strong enough to lift at least 50 lbs. and walk or trot beside a horse for a minimum of 30 minutes. This job requires you to be physically fit and free of back and shoulder challenges.  Your personal well-being is important to us too. You will be asked to help with stall maintenance as well.

Barn Assistant
Do you like being around the horses?  This position will be helping clean and maintain the horse stalls. Clean and fill water buckets.  This may require driving a golf cart and 4-wheeler.  You should be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs and be free of back and shoulder challenges.

Horse Buddy
This position is a very close connection with the horses.  It requires previous experience with horses and training by our staff.  This position helps keep our horses fit, flexible, and happy so they can do their jobs without causing injury to themselves. You will be asked to help with stall maintenance as well.

Although horse experience is appreciated in many positions you will not be excluded if you do not have it. We have an extensive training program and are willing to help you learn what is needed to perform the jobs.  Horse experience varies from person to person and DOES NOT excuse you from participating in our training program.  Please be aware that our horses are for program use and training purposes only.  Their primary purpose is to provide service to our participants.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer click on the link above and complete a volunteer application or  email or call us at  505-554-9493

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