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Our Veterans Therapeutic Riding Program

Through grants and partnerships, we are able to offer a limited number of scholarships to veterans.  These partnerships allow us to provide free riding lessons to eligible veterans.  Loving Thunder is the only program in New Mexico able to offer this exclusive FREE Riding Program.  

Veterans have expressed many benefits to being around the horses to help them with their PTSD and other challenges.  They have seen changes in their ability to stay in the moment and to have reduced episodes of flashbacks. They have expressed a decrease in sleeplessness and the need for medications to address their anxieties. They have expressed a reduction in anger and temper outburst even after leaving the barn environment.   These changes are a real benefit to them and their families.

Many of our veterans have transitioned into volunteers for our program and continue to experience the "Horsey" benefits.  

Working with the veterans has given us a new found respect for what our veterans have endured while protecting our country.  We can't imagine being where they have been, but WE CAN SHARE OUR HORSES WITH THEM. After all, our  horses are the best therapists around without even trying.  They simply are horses being horses.

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