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Horse Side Vet Guide

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BRRRR.  Due to cold weather,  some lessons may include inside curriculum or a mixture of inside/outside.  We don't want anyone to get too cold. Stay warm and bundle up.                                                                              

Thank You Dr. Doug Thal, from Thal Equine

for the very informative training on your app

Horse Side Vet Guide. Every horse owner needs this app, very comprehensive, easy to use and informative.  This is the best $5 you can spend on your horse.

Who is Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding

Thank you for visiting Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, Inc.'s web site.  Loving Thunder is a 501 (c) 3 NON Profit Corporation.  We are proud to say that we are the ONLY PATH,Intl PREMIER ACCREDITED CENTER in New Mexico.  PATH, Intl  (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) is a worldwide organization dedicated to establishing centers with the highest quality of standards in the industry.  As an all-volunteer organization we depend on your participation either by contribution or by volunteering to help.  Our goal is to help all individuals who want to learn to ride a horse be successful, no matter what their challenges in life might be.  We serve both the veteran population as well as the developmental, physically, or mentally challenged individuals of our community.  Riding instruction is performed by certified PATH, Intl. instructors who create customized lessons structured for the individual, offering whatever supports are needed to insure the riders are successful.  While they are learning to ride, they are reducing the effects of PTSD, increasing mobility, gaining independence and self-confidence, and improving their overall health all through the magic of a horse.  Volunteering is rewarding and you don't have to worry if you aren't currently horse savvy.  We will train you to help and be safe around the horses.  We hope you will decide to join our team and help us.

Empowering Lives One Ride at a Time !!